Artisan Beef is the Production Consulting division of Artisan Foods Limited, a group of Canadian family farm experienced Service Providers with connections to 100’s of family farms in Ontario and across Canada, focusing on efficient beef and lamb production practises.  Click here to go directly to our Artisan Beef Consulting Services outline page.

For direct contact with us, please eMail: 

Our Artisan Beef consultant services can provide Services to ensure food safety, humane production methods and complete traceability from our family farm idealisms all the way to your customers. 

We have provided Consulting Services for beef produced that has been chosen by some of Ontario's & Toronto’s best restaurants and retail outlets that are focused on serving locally sourced foods of superior quality. Artisan Beef has consulted for clients in Ontario, Western Canada, USA, Russia, South Africa and Brazil; bringing an International perspective to our services.  

Artisan Beef Consulting Services meet or exceed government requirements for On Farm safety and production tracking, ensuring certifiable, traceable, and verifiable qualities for source verified and label claims.  

Our services include primary farming practises to secondary processing steps of beef production practises & production methods to ensure taste, tenderness and quality attributes, while maintaining source verification through the production stages.

With a commitment to a sustainable Food supply, AFL Consulting works with like minded clients for efficiencies and humane practises for products that meet the market place expectations of your customers.

Our recommended Production Methods and Procedures will provide 100% auditable records of all your products - supporting your Label claims and tracing each item back to the FAMILY FARM of Origin.

On Farm Origin Verification.  Verifiable True Label Claims.  Traceable Production.

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